6.Office Department


The office of the institution looks after the administration work of the  college.Forthe sake of convenience the administrative work is distributed among various sections of the office. They are as under

1.Office Superintendent : Shri. S.D. Gadakh is office superitendont. She takes care of smooth functioning of the sections such as account , fee counter, establishment , admission , general register of TC, scholarships and concessions, examination , laboratory etc under the guidance of Principal of the college.

2. Account Section: Shri.S.D.Gadakh is an accountant of the office. He prepares cash books,ledgers, and annual budget. Account section is fully computerized.

3. Establishment section: Mrs. V.A. Lahor is In -Charge of this Section.    The function of the establishment section is to prepare service books of teaching and non-teaching staff ,to keep records of sick leaves, earn leaves, casual leaves, duty leaves, pensions cases, GPF and to maintain the record of income tax and professional tax.. It also takes care of the work related with new appointments and aprovals .

4. Scholarship and Concession Section: This section prepares proposals for scholarship given to various categories such as SC/ST /NT/OBC and sends them to Social Welfare Department of Government. for approval. It distribute approved amount to related students. It also prepares proposals for EBC, PTW, STW ect.

5.General Register Section:The duty of this section is to prepare general register of the admitted students as per the class and year, to maintain the records of LC/TC and mark sheets of admitted students and to issue TC, bonafide, attendance certificate.

6. Examination Section: The examination section seeks duly filled eligibility forms the students and sends them to University. It collects the duly filled examination forms of the examination; maintain financial record of examination fee.

7. Laboratories: The function of laboratories is done through the Lab-Assistants and Lab-Attendants. They help concerned teachers in conducting laboratory work regularly and they assist teachers during practical examinations. They also maintain the record of available equipments and other materials in the laboratory.

Working Hours of Office :

Monday to Friday : 9.30 to 5.30

Saturday : 9.30 to 1.30



1. Shri. Gadakh Subhash Dhondiram      

Designation          :         Accountant

Qualification         :         B.A.

Date of Joining     :         20-11-1978

Address for                     New Arts, Commerce & Science

Correspondence   :         College, Shevgaon, Dist- Ahmednagr

Permanent Address:       Vidyanagar, Miri Road, Shevgaon




Full Name         :         Shri. Shidore Asaram Kaniphnath 84.jpg

Designation         :         Lab. Assistant

Qualification         :        B.A.

Date of Joining    :         02-12-1980

Address for         :         New Arts, Commerce & Science College,

Correspondence            Shevgaon, Dist- Ahmednagr

Permanent Address : At-Somthane, Post- Mandve, Tal- Pathardi Dist-




Name                 :       Mrs. Lahor Vandana Avinash

Designation         :       Lab Assistant

Date of Birth       :       1/07/197

Qualification        :       B.C.S., M.A.

Date of Jining      :       27/06/2003

Address              :       Plot No. 1, Gayatri Park, Opp. Gajraj Factory

                                  Bhistbag, Savedi, Ahmednagar

Mobile No.          :       9970234310

Nature of Service:       State Gov. Employee







Full Name     :    Agalave Uttam Dondiba                                    

Designation    :    Jr. Clerk

Birth Date       :   27/03/1993

Qualification    :   HSC

Address          :   A/P Karjune Khare Tal Dist - Ahmednagar

Mobile No.      :    8308010056

Nature of Service: State Gov. Employee




  Shri. Thorat Ragnath Chadrabhan 60.JPG

Designation : Lab. Attendant

Qualification : S.S.C.

Date of Joining : 16-05-1984

Address for Correspondence :Behind Shevgaon ITI, Tal- Shevgaon

Dist-    Ahmednagar.



Shri. Shinagare Sambhaji Maruti 54.JPG

Designation : Lab. Attendant

Qualification : H.S.C.

Date of Joining : 01-01-1987

Address for Correspondence : Shelake Wada, Brahman Galli,  Shevgaon,

Dist- Ahmednagar

Permanent Address : Samangaon ,Tal- Shevgaon  Dist- Ahmednagar.

 Shri. Tanpure Rohidas Surybhan 82.jpg

Designation : Lab. Attendant

Qualification : M.A.

Date of Joining : 03-12-1980

Address for Correspondence : Dagadwadi , Post-Karanji  Tal- Pathardi,

Dist - Ahmednagar.


Shri. Karande Bhausaheb S.  59.JPG

Designation        :      Lab. Attendant

Qualification        :     M.A.

Date of Joining    :     27-06-2003

Address for         :     New Arts, Commerce &  Science College,

Correspondence        Shevgaon, Dist- Ahmednagar.

Permanent          :     At/ Post- Handalwadi , Tal- Pathardi,

Address                     Dist-     Ahmednagar.

Full Name           :      Shri. Shidore Atmaram Kaniphnath 66.JPG

Designation          :      Lab. Attendant

Qualification          :     B.A., L.T.C.

Date of Joining      :     01-06-1990

Address for           :     New Arts, Commerce & Science College,

Correspondence          Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar

Permanent            :     At- Somthane, Post-Mandve, Tal- Pathardi,

Address                       Dist- Ahmednagar


Full Name           :     Shri. Palve Adinath Gorakshanath

Designation          :     Lab. Attendant

Qualification         :     M.A.

Date of Joining     :     07-06-2003

Address for          :     New Arts, Commerce &  Science College,

Correspondence         Shevgaon, Dist- Ahmednagar

Permanent           :     At/ Post- Kolhar, Tal- Pathardi, Dist- Ahmednagar



Full Name          :     Smt. Marwade Suvarna Vijay                               

Designation         :     Jr. Clerk 

Qualification        :     B.A.

Date of Joining    :     27-12-2013

Address for         :     New Arts, Commerce &  Science College,

Correspondence        Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar

Permanent          :    B-70 , Premdan Hadco, Savedi Road, 

Address                     Dist- Ahmednagar.

Mobile No.          :     9763862363


Full Name          :     Shri. Athare Vishnu Bhagwan

Designation         :     Lab. Attendant

Qualification        :     B.A.

Date of Joining    :     01-06-1998

Address for         :     New Arts, Commerce &  Science College,

Correspondence        Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar

Permanent          :    At- Kaudgaon (Athare) Post- Deorai Tal- Pathardi 

Address                     Dist- Ahmednagar.






Full Name           :    Shri. Lokhande Babasaheb D. 69.JPG

Designation          :    Lab. Attendant

Qualification         :    B.A.

Date of Joining     :    26-06-2003

Address for          :    New Arts, Commerce &  Science College, Shevgaon

Correspondence        Dist- Ahmednagar

Permanent            :   At/ Newasa BK, Tal- Newasa , Dist- Ahmednagar


Full Name          :    Shri. Shelake Pushkar Bhaskar  5.jpg

Designation         :    Lib. Attendant

Qualification         :    S.S.C. (Fail )

Date of Joining     :    23-04-1985

Address for          :    New Arts, Commerce & Science College,

Correspondence        Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar

Permanent           :    At/ Kaudgaon, Tal- Pathardi Dist- Ahmednagar 


Full Name           :     Shri. Lokhande Dattatrya Babanrao

Designation          :     Lib. Attendant 85.jpg

Qualification         :     M.A., B.Lib.

Date of Joining     :     25-04-1985

Address for          :     Ganeshnagar , Pawar

Correspondence         Wasti ,  Shevgaon, Dist- Ahmednagar.


Full Name          :      Shri Bhojane Bapu Daulat

Designation         :      Peon 80.JPG

Qualification        :       B.A.

Date of Joining    :       27-06-2003

Address for         :       New Arts, Commerce &Science College,

Correspondence          Shevgaon Tal-Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar

Permanent           :      At/Post-Malichinchora , Tal- Newasa

Address                      Dist- Ahmednagar


Full Name           :      Shri. Athare Balasahe Kacharu 70.JPG

Designation          :      Peon

Qualification         :      H.S.C.

Date of Joining     :      18-07-2007

Address for          :      At -Kaudgaon Post -Deorai

Correspondence          Tal- Pathardi Dist- Ahmednagar



Full Name           :     Shri. Chavan Sachin Baban 61.JPG

        Designation          :     Sweaper

   Q   Qualification         :     S.S.C.

         Date of Joining    :     10-08-2007

         Address for         :     New Arts, Commerce &

         Correspondence        Science College, Shevgaon,  Dist- Ahmednagar.

         Permanent           :    Near Old Govt. Hospital, Shevgaon 

         Address                     Dist- Ahmednagar


Full Name          :        Shri. Avhad Amol Bhimraj   

Designation         :        Junior Clerk

Qualification        :        B.A.

Date of Joining    :        11/08/2009

Address for         :        New Arts Commerce And Science

Correspondence           College Shevgaon

Permanent           :      At/Post - Khospuri,Tal-Ahmednagar

Address                       Dist- Ahmednagar

E-mail Address    :       abavhad@gmail.com

Telephone No      :       9270155737



Full Name           :      Shri. Jadhav Vikas Vasudeo

Designation         :       Lab. Assistant Computer Dept.                               

Qualification         :      M.A. B.Ed.

        Date of Joining     :     16-06-2003

        Address for          :     New Arts, Commerce &  Science College,


        Correspondence         Shevgaon, Dist- Ahmednagar.


        Permanent Address:    Vidyanagar At/Post- Shevgaon Tal- Shevgaon 


        Mobile No.            :      9579265340

E-     email Address       :      develop_222101@rediffmail.com



Full Name            :      Shri. Kolhe Shashikant Shankar

        Designation           :     Lab. Attendant on Non- Grant

        Qualification          :      M.A. B.Ed

        Date of Joining      :      01-01-2008

        Address for           :      New Arts, Commerce Science


        Correspondence           College, Shevgaon, Dist- Ahmednagar.


        Permanent Address:     At/Post- Akhegaon, Tal- Shevgaon 

                                           Dist- Ahmednagar.

Telephone No        :     9689291311

Full Name           :       Shri. Hapse Atul Arunrao

Qualification          :      B.Com.

Designation          :       Peon

Birth Date             :       7/1/1981


Address for           :    New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Shevgaon, Correspondence         Dist - Ahemednagar.


Permanent Address : Gat No. 23, Shrirampur Road, Newasa, Dist- Ahmednagar

Contact No.            : 9604799188

Nature of service     : Full Time